Love in Black & White| Engagement Photography

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Jenny & Darin Engagement-55A bright, sunny day… Blue skies… No clouds to be seen…
Soft breezes blowing curled wisps of auburn strands…
Laughter, smiles…

And love in the air…

Such was the afternoon this past Sunday, when I met with young, engaged couple Jenny & Darin for their Engagement Photo Session.


– smiling, energetic, talkative, a poet…Jenny & Darin Engagement-1
Darin– calm, reserved, with a quiet humor…

It’s a case of “opposites attract”…

You can see clear away that the two balance each other out though, bringing out the best in each other. There’s a comfort between them, and within the session, playfulness soon eased its way in, making for some light and fun captures.

Jenny & Darin Engagement-37

As the couple had not been to Ellijay before, we took a stroll along the new Boardwalk downtown, and around the storefronts of the square. Along the way we took opportunity where mood struck, capturing shots behind cafes, on fire escapes, posed on random benches and light posts, and finally ending at the steps of the beautiful court house.

Jenny WilkieIt was a pleasant afternoon, and one in which I learned a little of this couple- They have been engaged a year and are expecting. Jenny is from Savannah, and loves ivy. And that they have been through a lot but are supportive of each other, carrying a love and friendship that can get them through anything.

Congratulations on your engagement, Jenny & Darin. We wish you all the best as you begin this journey of a new life together.

~Leslie Byrd Photography ❤️

Jenny & Darin Engagement-27

These images were captured and edited in a mid- to high-contrast black & white, taken with a Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera. ©2016 Leslie Byrd Photography
They are the  sole property of Leslie Byrd & Leslie Byrd Photography, & may not be copied, altered, reproduced, or printed without the sole written consent of Leslie Byrd Photography. They may be shared directly from this page, and other pages where this link appears, with credit given to Leslie Byrd Photography. Thank you!

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