Jennifer| Photography Portrait Session in the Park

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Photography in the Park

"Leslie was AMAZING and we had so much fun! Superb!" - Jennifer Houle| Family Portrait Session, Ellijay Georgia

A sweltering Summer Day… Barely a breeze… Sun, shining from directly overhead, and not a cloud in the sky. Sounds like the makings for a great day at the park! But…not exactly the best conditions for an on-location photo shoot…

Without cloud cover, the radiating sun can too easily create harsh, blown-out highlights across subjects, and just as distracting shadows. The wrong pose, slightest tilt of the head in the wrong direction, shows on squinty-eyed, grimaced faces. And oppressive, humid temperatures can quickly cause even the most entusiastic of clients to drag their feet and rush through a session.

Not the case with this bunch…

Family and Fun!!!

It’s a great experience when photographer and client can meet cohesively together with ideas and excitement for a successful session. It is important that all can easily communicate and transition from pose to pose, idea to idea, and work together. Parks are a place for playfulness, and that playful energy was definitely brought along and welcomed. And likewise, an effortless back and forth of dialogue to create beautifully stunning images.

Jennifer | Photography Portrait Session| Ellijay, GA

Jennifer | Photography Portrait Session| Ellijay, GA

Jennifer | Photography Portrait Session| Ellijay, GA

A group of five females, I worked together with them to capture both individual, and group images. Especially important when highlighting teenagers and children in a portrait (or anyone in general, really), is directing them in a gentle way to find and bring out a bit of their unique personalities, and the ability to translate that into the camera. Even better is when client(s) has a contagiously lighthearted attitude, and “out-take” images are purposely created to keep things fun and interesting; it creates a rare session dynamic that keeps it moving forward, full of smiles and inspiration.

Working Against the Elements

Jennifer | Photography Portrait Session| Ellijay, GA

One of the things that I find myself and the client enjoying most about on-location park sessions, is that it allows for us to move from spot to spot during the course of the photography, creating a wide variety of poses, natural props, and backgrounds. Even the most unfortunate of circumstances can often provide opportunity for beauty, fun, and creativity. Direct, overhead, harsh natural light, for example, may call for images to be taken closer to the cover of bushes and trees, where branches and leaves create a natural filter. When the light cannot be avoided, there are times when a simple soft, peachy preset can be applied post-processing, resulting in an airy feminine portrait that borders on ethereal.

Thank You!

Thank you, Jennifer, and your delightful crew, for the awesome session! It was such a FUN experience, and that was due in large part, all to you! There were so many favorites from this session, I’m not sure where to begin! I’m so glad I was able to provide you with so many more than we expected, and I hope it provided you with great memories and gifts to pass along. I look forward to working with you again!

~Leslie Byrd Photography 📷❤️

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