Doe Eyed

Ellijay Georgia, Ellijay Georgia, Photography

This sweet deer is all “doe eyed” as she poses beautifully and regally for the camera.

It is a warm day with a shining sun and soft breeze. I am just leaving a photo session where I have captured the interior and exterior of a beautiful cabin that is a rental property within Coosawattee River Resort in the North Georgia Mountains. Coming out of the steep gravel drive, and just at the edge of the heavily wooded property, we spot them- a small family of deer- one doe and two spotted fawn.

Deer, along with other wildlife such as wild turkey and bear, often frequent the spacious resort set along winding roads and within acres and acres of mountain and forest. Here, they are able to find retreat and respite from hunters within the beautiful gated community. It is certainly not the first time I have witnessed them driving through these curving hills, however, it is the first time while having my Nikon DSLR about me!

I roll down the window, take off the lens cap, aim, and SHOOT! Gorgeous!!! She stands stall, and poses perfectly, contrasting brilliantly, tan hide against thick emerald wood. While many images were handed over to the rental property (along with image rights), I was able to retain this one for myself to share with you all, and I could not be all that more pleased. I only wish that I had more captures to share. Perhaps again sometimes soon.

To purchase this image as a print, or to view more nature images from yours truly, please frequent my Viewbug portfolio.


Sharing is Caring. Leslie Byrd Photography Located in Ellijay Georgia


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