“Keeping Busy…”


“…and making optimism a way of Life.” – Lucille Ball

A great #Quote by an amazing, iconic women, and something I am certainly trying my best to do as I have learned and grown this past year and as I move forward within this current one. I have found myself within so many struggles and amazing battles, as well as within so many blessing and opportunities; I have discovered that so much change has taken place, also.

Just within the past sixth months I have enrolled in massage therapy school and I am over halfway through my courses. I have drastically changed my eating habits and diet, as well as my exercise routine, and I’m finding myself slowly gaining better health and strength. Soon my family and I are moving into a new home that will offer us more space and privacy. I have gained new friendships, lost some, and strengthened a few bonds that I’ve formed over the years. Overall, I am so grateful.

There has been so much transformation.

And in the midst of all of this, I find that all though my professional photography has certainly slowed down and more or less taken a hiatus, I am now exploring other sides of photography and rediscovering the finer points of this creative outlet: the setup, the compositions and angles, the candid moments, the fun. I am exploring, as I did in the very beginning, and again as a student, the inventiveness and individuality of photography – how very personal and private and intimate it can be, and then how vulnerable and freeing it can be to open up and share that with others. Even when it is something as simple as raindrops on a flower, which may mean little to a viewer, but holds something deeply meaningful to you… and yet, somehow, it still resonates with them somewhere inside… and there’s a reaction. A smile. Or a memory.  A laugh. A tear. OR some inspiration for themselves.

This is what art and photography is.

And it is amazing.

I know I am not sharing as often here, on my blog. But I would like to invite you all to still come and share the love of photography and life with me.

Poetry. Life. Photography. Leslie Byrd Photography. Located in Ellijay, Georgia (GA) | Follow Us on Instagram @LeslieByrdPhotos

Poetry. Life. Photography. Leslie Byrd Photography. Located in Ellijay, Georgia (GA) | Follow Us on Instagram @LeslieByrdPhotos

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Poetry. Life. Photography.
Leslie Byrd Photography ❤️🌹📷


Sharing is Caring. Leslie Byrd Photography Located in Ellijay Georgia

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