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Theodore Newborn-10
Those adorable little hands and tiny feet! What a cute little “Teddy!”
Two-week-old Theodore recently came into the studio with two of my favorite past clients, Jenny & Darin, for this sweet-as-can-be newborn session!

Newborn Session- In Studio

The first of my new in-studio sessions, it was fitting to have a new addition join me, and an absolute pleasure to work with this little guy to create these precious images for his mom and dad. I had just received the wood-grain, and brick backdrops I had ordered, in addition to a silky black cloth previously acquired, and collected an assortment of soft, warm blankets to utilize during this session. The room was made warm, with soft fans blowing, a window unit on to create a comfortable atmosphere. In the background, classical instrumentals playing. Surfaces had been cleaned and wiped down, a lavender diffuser turned on, camera equipment checked and double checked…everything done to ensure preparation and a nice environment for this little family.

Theodore Newborn-26

Welcoming the Family

It is so nice working with clients I have had sessions with previously; often times there is a pleasant familiarity, even a friendship, that lends itself well to a session. A level of trust goes a long way between photographer and client, especially where babies are concerned. And although it was my first time meeting little Theodore, there was a comfort present that transitioned to positioning, posing, and photographing the little man and his parents.

Capturing¬†a Newborn… Who Captures Your Heart

Babies can often be the most difficult of persons to photograph- they cannot take direction the way most children and adults can. And extra care must be given when positioning and posing them, as not to cause any kind of harm or discomfort. Gentle touch is key, and slow and steady is definitely the winning pace. Unexpected mishaps are sure to occur- spit ups, blowouts, fussiness and outright rages- as well as the expected feedings and diaper changes. It can take a great deal of time and patience to capture the little wonder of the innocent babe.

Parents’ Pride & Joy

What I love capturing for clients almost as much as their sweet child, is the relationship that they have with their little one. It is truly an amazing bond and such a beautiful thing to witness; there was plenty of this unique attachment to be privy to, and to capture during this session.

Jenny & Darin, congratulations on your newest addition!It was great seeing all of you and helping you to capture these beautiful memories!

These images were captured and edited by Leslie Byrd Photography (that’s me!), and captured in studio with a Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera (semi-professional grade but still kinda fancy!).

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