DiY Camera Strap

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imageNo Sew.

I repeat. No. Sew.

And simple.  Inexpensive. Stylish. Comfortable.

You will LOVE this strap,

and wonder why didn’t I think of that sooner?

All you need for this DIY is your camera, two keychains with both a medium-sized ring and lobster clasp each, and an infinity scarf in any color or print.


  1. Make sure you have your keychains (two of them, both with a medium ring and lobster clasp); I chose two with my initials, but you can choose smaller ones, or even plain ones with nothining on them. It is up to you! Also you need an infinity scarf. Choose and color or patten you like. I prefer soft and stretchy materials, as they tend to be more comfortable and easy to work with.
  2. Remove the lobster clasp from one of the rings; go aheas and clip it on to one side of your camera. While you are at it, if you’d like, also take the charm or decoration off the same ring, and slide it on to the other ring.
  3. This should leave you with one plain ring, and another ring that has a lobster clasp and two charms.
  4. Most infinity scarfs are too thick for this project. Lay yours flat on a hard surface, and cut the scarf in half. Make sure not to cut on either seam. You are wanting to basically cut it to create two smaller infinity scarfs. You can use one for the camera, and still have one to wear! 😊
  5. Pull on the scarf a bit to help the newly cut side to roll. Shake it out so any loose bits will fall out. Now take your key ring with charms and clasp, and split one side open. If it is too tight, you can carefully slide scissors in between the ring slots to make it wider. You are wanting the opening just big enough to slide an end of the scarf through.
  6. Once the scarf is in, remove scissors, and move the ring around until the scarf is in.
  7. Repeat with the other ring to get the scarf through it. Once both rings are on the scarf, attach the plain ring to the lobster clasp on the camera. Attach the second keychain using the other lobster clasp.
You now have a cute, custom camera strap!

One of the best things about this strap is that if the fabric is stretchable, you can wear this around your neck or shoulder as a standard strap, OR you can wrap it on your wrist for a more secure hold on your camera.

Camera with DiY Camera Strap

What do you think? Clever, right? Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

~Leslie Byrd Photography 📷❤️


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