Happy New Year! & Downloadable Cover Photo Template

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Happy New Year| Leslie Byrd Photography| Ellijay Georgia Photography| GA Photographer

Thankful for The Old…

2016 brought the official start of Leslie Byrd Photography.

I had an engagement session, two weddings, several portrait sessions, a few family sessions (including one precious newborn), a session with a local band, and a redesign of my website. I am now on Instagram, I’m currently verified on Google, and I’m slowly getting noticed on ViewBug.com and Twitter.

Like most photographers, I have had a slow start. But I am enjoying much of the process, and growing so much along the way. There have been several steps forward, several steps back…and I am SO INCREDIBLY THANKFUL for all who have taken steps with me along the way. You all are amazing, and I cannot wait to see what this next year holds!

Anticipating the New…

Thank you, 2016, and here’s to anticipating whatever 2017 brings!

I am hoping to continue with sessions throughout this new year; I have several ideas in mind, and I look forward to meeting new friends and clients and helping to capture many more memories. I look for opportunities and inspiration everywhere!

And a FREE GIFT for you!

Speaking of opportunities and inspiration, I would like to offer you this FREE DOWNLOAD of my New Year/Celebration Photo Tile Template; just click the link and download to open and edit in Photoshop. Let me know how it works for you, and feel free to email me, or comment with any questions. I am pretty sure this is my first available download, so I hope it works for you, and that you all like it!

You can get it HERE.

Happy New Year!
From Leslie Byrd Photography!


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Three Easy Steps to a GREAT Photography Experience!

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What Gives???

$45… For 20 minutes… Resulting in… 5 digital images?

Five. Images. 

That’s it?

Or, you can pay just $10 per person! And the photographer will come to you!

One doesn’t sound like a very good deal, does it? And the other is, well, convenient and inexpensive… But do you know what you will be really getting out of the package?

These are some of the “packages” and prices many photographers today are giving! But why? And are these “deals” really a good investment?

What Makes a Great Photography Experience? 3 Steps. From Leslie Byrd Photography, Located in Ellijay, GA

You Get What You Pay For

Everyone knows it. So why are some photographers offering such “cheap” photography? There could be many reasons… Maybe they are just starting out and building up their portfolio; if this is the case, it is definitely okay, but they should definitely make sure that you know! Some are very talented and offer services at barely-nothing-to-free while gaining experience and building confidence, while others charge next to nothing to beat out competitors and  offer “services” that…well… I would much rather do without. Make sure that you know the difference! Perhaps the market is “bad” or there are many other photographers in the area. Maybe the artist is going through a dry spell. It could be that they are simply starting out on their own and unsure of what to offer and charge. When looking at a Photographer’s services and prices, it is almost always a good idea to look at what services they are offering, the pricing that goes with it, and then even asking why. Remember- the photography experience is not just about you, but also about the photographer; it should be a working relationship between the both of you.

Here’s How to Ensure a Great Photography Experience!

  1. Research! Look on the photographer’s Facebook Page & Website. Do they have a Pinterest Page? An Instagram? Look there too! Don’t just look into the pricing- research everything those prices will get you! Does the Photographer ask more for their sessions because they offer you more of their time and experience? Are you receiving digital images or prints? Both? How many? Are there any extras included? Are you being provided with a quality service? Do you like the Photographer’s style of images and portraiture? Are they local & available for the times you will need your session done? Ask & Research!
  2. Communicate! A Great Photography experience is centered around great communication! Your photographer should ask you questions, and anticipate at least a few you may have yourself, in an effort to provide you with the best experience possible. Your photographer will want to ensure that you are both comfortable and happy with the entirety of the experience, and will talk with you as much as possible before, during, and after the actual session to help make that possible for you.
  3. Have Fun & Experiment! While your photographer definitely wants you comfortable and happy, we absolutely love it when you are open and available to have fun during your photo shoot. We each have our unique and special individuality and it is awesome when you show a little bit of that during your session! Your photographer will be thrilled to capture your youthfulness, quirkiness, or just fun self on camera, helping you to put your best face forward! And that positive energy? It will radiate through you and come across in all your other images as well, creating a memorable time during your experience, and absolutely terrific photographs you will love!!!

Are you ready for a GREAT photography experience? Check out all I have to offer, and message me today for a free consult.

Any other tips on creating a great photography experience? Leave them below in the comments. 🙂


Sharing is Caring. Leslie Byrd Photography Located in Ellijay Georgia