Scott & Lanie| Outdoor Fall Portrait – Children| Ellijay, Georgia

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Leslie Byrd Photography| Child Portrait| Ellijay, GeorgiaA Crisp, Autumn Day at the Park

It started like many others… The brilliant round orb, high overhead, the cloudless blue sky and gentle breezes. The air was dry, but the cool temperature refreshing. It was a perfect day for portraiture and play. And I made promises of play-ground time in trade for just a few lovely (and cooperative) posed shots.

As usual, there was not much bargaining actually needed; the green grass and colorful foliage beckoned. And my children are fairly used to my wanting pictures during specific holidays and seasons – the process is now usually quick and familiar; I have them well trained. Ha!

I just love their sweet smiles, their joyful faces, and the love they so often share! And it all really came through in these images!

We picked which side of the park to work and play on, and settled for the first entrance by the main intersection- a section of the park we rarely frequent. It turned out to be the perfect choice!

Leslie Byrd Photography| Child Portrait| Ellijay, Georgia
Natural Props, and Location, Location, Location!

I’ve mentioned it before, and it bears repeating- my favorite thing regarding outdoor sessions, is the never-ending supply of natural props and inspiration!

Almost immediately upon stepping out of our vehicle, we saw this lovely little stump that made the perfect stool for sitting poses! It worked out wonderfully for these Fall Portraits!

When outdoors, remember to keep your eyes open for any interesting or useful natural element around to include and incorporate into your session! Having a creative eye can work wonders for the amateur, hobbyist, and professionals alike, or even for those just starting out… as well as for the client lending a suggestion to their photographer! Parents, family members, friends – don’t forget these are your sessions, too, and you may see something in that bridge or river bank that your photographer didn’t notice or see! Always be ready with suggestions!

Leslie Byrd Photography| Child Portrait| Ellijay, Georgia

Playtime & A Nice Surprise!

After we got in several awesome shots, I let the kids play on one of the playgrounds for a while. There was sliding, climbing, flipping, hanging on the monkey bars… They had a lot of fun! And then we went exploring! We saw a tiny clearing where part of the river could be seen, and we took a few photos in front of it, and then we took a walk further down the river to the very end of the park.

We came to a spot we had never visited before- a circular sidewalk met with natural rock and tree-root steps, down the edge of the river. At the bank we saw a large flock of geese, all across the rock and shallow water, bathing and searching for food, relaxing, swimming, you name it… We quietly sat down at the river-edge and observed these gorgeous birds for quite some time. After a while, the geese decided we were not a threat and came closer to us; we used the opportunity for some photographs.  A nice man came by with bird feed and we were also able to feed the geese and a few other nearby birds. The scene was so gorgeous and serene! All in all it was a beautiful, fun, and rewarding day!

Stay Tuned!

Coming soon I will have a new post showcasing some of the awesome geese images I captured this past weekend along the river – be on the lookout for them!

I also challenge you all to go out and capture your best outdoor Autumn images! Submit them to me using my email – – along with a little description; you may just see them in a post in the near future!

Enjoy this gorgeous weather and the beauty that surrounds you! Spend time with your family & friends, and make the best of every moment! Thank you all for taking the time to stop in and to look at my work. I appreciate each and every one of you!



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