A Photographer’s To-Do

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An Eventful Session

A weekend of cake making & decorating (not the norm), capturing wedding images for friends and clients (hopefully soon to be the norm), and spending time with family (every day, day in and day out).

After a whirlwind mix of working, laughing, relaxing, and working some more, the wonderful chaos continues. The mind of the creative is often never-ceasing, always turning with new ideas, things to try, and then of course, the absolute must-get-dones.


The After Party…

The photograher’s work does not end after the session or event. No, for us the work has only just begun, as we go in to cull through each image, carefully editing and processing them, giving each special attention to provide you with the best possible finished product.

We often make light of this work, but consider that normal portrait sessions can turn out up to 300 images depending on session length and your photographer, of which you will only receive between 10 & 50. Beyond that, large events and weddings should produce 50-100 images per hour, while you will typically receive an album or disc of 200-500. That is a lot of time pouring into making sure each image is carefully cropped, exposure (lighting) is good, colors are nice, and any unwanted blemishes or distractions are edited out or toned down. And don’t forget going over the proofs with you, and ordering any prints, canvases, and photo books (if available and offered)! And then there is the presentation boxes that so many offer, all of the correspondence back & forth.


Like most photographers and service providers, Leslie Byrd Photography works hard to go the extra mile and provide excellent service. At the top of my mental to-do list, something I never have to write down, is two things I try my best to run my new business by:

Having a photographer who believes you are beautiful, results in your having images that are beautiful.


Treat everyone how you would like to be treated by others.

I firmly believe we all have beauty in us, and that we all deserve to be treated with that same beauty. Whether it is  a special note or gift in your presentation package, or helping a bride to fasten on her pearls before a wedding, Leslie Byrd Photography is all about you.

What would you add to a Photographer’s To-Do List? Tell me below.

~Leslie Byrd Photography 📷❤️


Sharing is Caring. Leslie Byrd Photography Located in Ellijay Georgia

Presenting Your Presentation Package



Choosing the right outfits, meeting with your photographer, smiling (perhaps awkwardly), and going through a myriad of poses… The scheduling, the payments…

Investing in Photo Sessions can sometimes be extremely frustrating, as well as extremely creative and fun.

But after you have gone though all of these steps in creating memories, then…


If you have ordered a Session Package from Leslie Byrd Photography, than you already have received, or shortly will be, one of these beautiful Presentation Boxes!

We want to work with you, not to simply turn over great images, but to create an experience; and we believe each step of the process should be as special as the memories we are helping you to create.

So with Leslie Byrd Photography, each Photo Session ends with a personal Presentation Package, delivered to you as a special gift- a thank you for allowing us to work with you in providing quality images and individualized service.

What Can You Expect in Your Presentation Package?

  • Inside every package is a personalized thank you card- we appreciate your choosing us to capture your special moments!
  • You will also find several business cards- keep a card for yourself, and feel free to pass along the remaining cards; each business card contains a loyalty card on it’s reverse side.
  • Your images will be in your package as well- they come on a wooden USB flash drive, nestled inside a wood box. Or provide your own USB, which will be carefully wrapped in bubble wrap to protect it from any damage until it reaches your hands.
  • Enjoy a special treat or baked good in each package, and a complimentary surprise gift! It’s our way of saying we care!
  • Each Presentation Package comes in a white box, approximately 5X7 inches, and is lined with a decorative tissue paper. The box is labeled with a Leslie Byrd Photography seal, and tied with a beautiful decorative ribbon.


Most packages are hand delivered, or you can choose to have them shipped to you for a small handling fee.

Want to know more? Please Contact Leslie Byrd Photography today!

~Leslie Byrd Photography ❤️


Sharing is Caring. Leslie Byrd Photography Located in Ellijay Georgia