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A Beautiful Day Downtown

Sharon-7The sun was shining, wind softly blowing, sky just a bit overcast. We walked on stone pavers and dewy grass, around the building, across the lot, and over to the boardwalk – a fairly new wooden structure built in the alley way behind downtown Ellijay‘s shops and eateries. Being still early, the walk was vacant other than the two of us, making it a perfect spot for an “on location” session. Empty chairs and flowers everywhere quickly drew my attention, and wood beams contrasted nicely with brick buildings. The setting felt relaxed and easy – a mix of small town country with just a hint of urban city. I casually directed my client, Sharon in a few easy poses as we strolled along and made our way around the square.

Sharon Helton

Spring in the Air


Spring is one of my favorite seasons to photograph in (truthfully, I can find something great in every season – beauty is everywhere!), and this day was no different. I just love the fragrant aroma of new blooms drifting through the air, even if they do make my nose itch! And today they were everywhere, planted in hanging pots and in wooden troughs, ivy climbing up brick; I used them to my advantage, composing them skillfully around my subject within each frame. The lighting was perfect most of the day as well- the cloudy sky and early morning light prevented too much sun from shining and casting shadows.

A Sneak Peek


This is Sharon’s Mini Session Sneak Peek. Her images will  soon be uploaded to her own Private Password-Protected Gallery, and she will also be receiving her Presentation Package. It was great working with you, Sharon; I had a lot of fun! I hope you enjoy this preview, and all of your images!

~Leslie Byrd Photography 📷❤️


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